Robbie Foston

Direct Response Copywriter for B2B Tech

Hi, my name's Robbie and I'm a former B2B tech salesman turned direct response copywriter.If you're reading this I assume you're a B2B tech company. If not, you must be lost.Like all great copy, let's keep this short:I help B2B tech companies turn cold data into booked meetings without needing to hire an email marketer.When it comes to copywriting, conversions are king. With over a decade of cold outreach experience I have now turned my hand to helping other B2B tech companies increase conversions.You hired a sales team, not a team of copywriters. They know your offer inside out and can close any prospect. Actually booking the meetings is where they fall short. I've worked in B2B lead generation for the last decade and most tech companies are losing millions in revenue with poor lead nurture.Did you know 73% of B2B decision makers are millennials?
And it takes an average of 7-9 touch points to get a response from a B2B decision maker?
Your company needs to adopt a tone of voice that aligns with the younger generation of B2B decision makers and consistently nurture your leads over time. The reason your data isn't converting is because you're not nurturing effectively!It's simple.I will help you turn cold leads into hot prospects your sales team can close.Don't take my word for it. Read what my clients have to say about me.


"We've worked with Robert and he did an excellent job! Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a modern, engaging copy that really speaks to the reader - and converts.

Revenue Builder

"Robbie is an excellent sales copywriter. Writing cold emails is hard. Getting them short, concise, and making sure the calls-to-action resonate with the audience is even harder. Robbie nails it all. I recommend him entirely."

Tech Leaders Network

"Robbie clearly understands the B2B tech industry well and was very fast to help us with our event promotion. Robbie created 5 nurture emails for us to use for an upcoming tech event in Sydney. The copy exceeded expectations and we reached max capacity before the end of the email sequence. Will be working with Robbie again."


"We've been working with Robbie for a little over 5 months. Robbie has helped with a number of projects including lead nurture flows, sales emails, and pitch decks. The tone of voice is excellent and perfectly aligns with our brand. Above all else, the copy actually converts! We'll be working with Robbie for the foreseeable future!"


"Robbie did an amazing job - he was very quick with the work and provided high quality output. His copy was clear and compelling and explained our offer in an enticing manner. Robbie is also going above and beyond to support us with copy queries and email setup beyond the original scope of work."

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